Why does nipple discharge happen? Know when it is normal and when is it a sign of a deadly disease

Why does nipple discharge happen?  Know when it is normal and when is it a sign of a deadly disease

Often in the last months of pregnancy or breast feeding, women may have a problem of nipple discharge. In this, liquid or fluid comes out from the breast of the woman. But sometimes young women or women who are not getting breast feeding can also have this problem. In such an unusual position, discharge from the nipple can also be a sign of some disease growing in your body. 

If you also have the problem of abnormal nipple discharge, then do not ignore it or panic. The problem of nipple discharge can be due to many reasons and it is treatable. In case of abnormal nipple discharge, consult a doctor immediately. In today’s article, we will tell you what can be the reason for the problem of nipple discharge and in which situations it is normal and when it can be a sign of some serious disease –     

What discharge is not normal ?

When if blood is coming from the nipple of a woman or girl or liquid is coming from mixing blood, then it is not normal. Apart from this, if a woman or girl is having discharge from only one nipple, then consult a doctor immediately. Whether the discharge from your nipple is normal or not, this doctor will be able to tell only after examination. Don’t panic if you are having discharge from your nipples. In such a situation consult a doctor. The doctor will tell you whether you need to have a general checkup or if you need to undergo a special test. 

Along with this, people often start guessing by looking at the color of the discharge from the nipple whether it is normal or not, which is not right. Sometimes clear and transparent colored discharge can also be a sign of some disease. The liquid coming out of the nipple can be red in color like blood or it can also be blood. Apart from this, the liquid coming out of the nipple can be light yellow, light green, white like milk or completely transparent like water.

Difference between normal and abnormal discharge :

Normally, normal nipple discharge occurs from both nipples. Discharge from the nipple usually occurs when there is pressure on the nipple. The discharge in this type of situation stops on its own when the nipple comes back to its normal position. But abnormal nipple discharge usually occurs without any pressure. Along with this, if the nipple is pressed, then the flow can be high during this time. In such a situation there may be pain along with discharge. 

When can abnormal discharge occur? 

Generally, the problem of discharge from the nipple occurs in women during pregnancy. Often in the last months of pregnancy, pregnant women complain of liquid coming from the nipple. This liquid can be white like milk and transparent like water. Apart from this, when women stop breast feeding their baby, then after some time they may have a problem of milk-like discharge from the nipple. This is called galactorrhea. Sometimes there may be discharge from the nipple due to stimulation. Apart from this, constant rubbing or peeling of your nipples with your bra while doing any physical activity such as jogging or exercise can also lead to the problem of fluid coming from the nipples.  

What is the test for nipple discharge? 

If your doctor thinks that the discharge from your nipples is due to some disease, she may ask you to get some tests done. These tests may include a lab test for discharge from your nipples, blood tests, mammography, ultrasound of both your breasts, etc. Apart from these, the doctor may also ask for scanning of your brain.

Causes of nipple discharge :

There can be many reasons for abnormal discharge from the nipple. 

  • Fibrocystic breast changes can cause discharge from the nipples. In this there is a change in the tissue of the breast. It is not a disease but can be a sign of some disease. 
  • Sometimes the problem of discharge from the nipple can also occur due to the effect of hormonal drugs.
  • Consumption of certain herbs such as thick fennel or fennel, or consumption of intoxicants can also cause nipple discharge.
  • One of the reasons for the discharge from the nipple can also be that you have some kind of infection in your breast. In such a situation, there may be pus or pus in the discharge. This condition is called mastitis.

Disclaimer: The suggestions in this article are for general information only. Do not take these tips and information as the advice of a doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, consult a doctor.

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