Home remedies for women to get rid off white discharge

If you are troubled by the problem of white discharge, then these easy remedies will give you relief

It is common to have white water problems in women. It is also known as white discharge or leucorrhea. This problem usually occurs before or after periods. However, some women have to face this problem every day.

 Due to this problem, women feel weak and tired. Sometimes, due to this, severe pain starts in the abdomen and waist as well. If the problem of white water is due to infection, then it can also cause burning, pain, and itching in the private part.

 In today’s article, we will give you some easy tips to get rid of the problem of white discharge.

1. White water can be a problem due to infection. To avoid this, clean your private parts with lukewarm water and mild soap or intimate wash.

 Note: Using strong soaps or scented products can cause itching or rashes in the vagina.

2. Nowadays there are different types of trendy panties available in the market. But cotton panties are the most comfortable for the vagina.

Note: Cotton panties allow air to pass through and keep the vagina dry, which reduces the risk of bacterial infection in the vagina. At the same time, due to synthetic panties, there is a high risk of bacteria growing in the private part.

3.After going to the bathroom, always wipe from front to back to prevent bacteria from entering the vagina. By doing this, bacteria will not be able to enter the vagina and infection will be prevented.

4.Avoid unprotected sex to avoid white water problem and infection. Failure to use protection during sex increases the risk of vaginal infections and sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, genital herpes, etc.

Apart from this, you can also adopt some home remedies to get rid of the problem of white water.

1.Coriander seeds are also a panacea for the problem of white water. For this, soak a spoonful of coriander seeds in a glass of water overnight. Strain this water in the morning and drink it.

 By doing this, you will get rid of the problem of white water within a week.

2. The use of fenugreek seeds is an effective remedy to the problem of white water. For this, boil a spoonful of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water. After this, filter the water and drink it when the water cools down.

 By doing this you will get quick relief from the problem of white water.

3.If you are troubled by the problem of white water, then eat amla powder mixed with honey.

 If you want, add one teaspoon of amla powder to a glass of water and boil it. When the water is reduced to half, drink a spoonful of honey mixed with it. By doing this, the problem of white water will get relief soon.

Disclaimer: The suggestions in this article are for general information only. Do not take these tips and information as the advice of a doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, consult a doctor.

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